Plan your events!

Do you have the responsibility of organizing events in your company? Have you already looked at all the possible options and nothing caught your attention? Museum of Illusions is the place to visit, so you can experience our incredible and mind-bending illusions.

Whether you are organizing a brand launch, a celebration or theme party, recording a video or photo shoot and or you just want the museum for yourself and your guests, you are welcomed to contact us for your next event. On your request, our Team will assist in working with you to design and develop the most exciting and memorable event. Explore the Museum of Illusions which is filled with holograms, optical illusions, a bottomless pit and unusual rooms, offering your employees or partners a completely unexpected experience. Be brave enough to choose something unexpected!

Please, make reservations for events at least fourteen (14) days in advance as visits are planned according to bookings and other museum activities.

For any further information or to book your term please contact us at